Terms & Conditions of Membership

  1. Corinthian Racing Club company number 11085676, (‘CRC’) is a UK company limited by shares formed for the purpose of profitably carrying on the business of a members’ racing club.
  2. Each Member, for the duration of his membership of CRC shall be entitled to the benefits, as defined below, linked with ownership of the horses currently in training under the name of CRC and any subsequently purchased by CRC or leased by them for the purposes of CRC.
  3. Such benefits include:
    i) pro rata ownership (according to the number of Members at the time) of all horses owned by CRC
    ii) a pro rata share in all prize money won by CRC horses, as defined herein
    iii) a pro rata share of 20% (twenty per cent) of all sales proceeds as defined herein of horses owned by CRC
    iv) use and enjoyment of all facilities and discounts available to CRC at racecourses and events in UK.
  4. Once a Member has been a Member for a continuous period of 12 months he or she will be entitled to a loyalty discount of 15% on the following year’s membership fee. Prize money shall be defined as the net total sum paid to CRC after the normal deductions by Weatherbys. The only further deductions apart from those made by Weatherbys will be entry and, where applicable, supplement fees, racehorse and groom expenses.
  5. Sales proceeds shall be defined as the proceeds of sale of any horse currently owned by CRC whether through public auction or private sale less the cost of any sales preparation, sales entry fees, commissions and levies.
  6. Membership shall continue so long as the periodic membership fee is paid and shall cease immediately thereafter.
  7. A buyer of membership may cancel their membership within 14 days of purchase by advising CRC by letter or e-mail, in which case CRC shall refund payment in full.
  8. All CRC decisions relating to horses, trainers, and administration shall be vested in the CRC Management Board whose decision on matters pertaining to CRC and its assets shall be final.
  9. Where any Member fails to adhere to the requirements of CRC in respect of racecourse behaviour, the CRC Management Board may, at its absolute discretion, withdraw that Member’s rights in CRC.
  10. Membership is personal and may not be transferred or assigned nor used for commercial benefit.
  11. Members must be aged 18 or over.
  12. You will be sent a membership card by post within a week of joining. If you lose, damage or have your membership card stolen, please notify the Club by phone (0333 123 8898)  or in writing (via email:  members@corinthianracing.uk) as soon as possible, so that unauthorised use can be prevented. Your Club membership card is for personal use only and is strictly non-transferable. It is also your responsibility to ensure that your card is secure at all times so it cannot be ‘borrowed’ by anyone else to use. Misuse of membership cards is regarded as a serious abuse of membership privileges and appropriate action will be taken accordingly.
  13. No legal ownership of any of CRC’s horses shall vest in any Member.

  14. No person banned from or warned off may be a Member of CRC.

  15. Members photographed at Club events may appear on social media.
  16. These Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time.